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Who am I? My name is Mary Gunning. I’m a Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, Meditation teacher, Sound healer, adventure sports instructor and trek leader. I’m passionate about nature, travel and a lover of life.

Holistic life was set up in order to help people live a balanced life.


My yoga journey started many years ago but, to be honest, I didn’t have a regular practice. Then about 5 years ago, I started a regular practice ending up being completely in love with it and practising 3-5 times a week. For the past 4 years I’ve had pretty much a daily practice, which lead me to do my teacher training- which I loved. That was the start of it – I’ve done other teacher trainings since & have more planned! I believe that you always a student and I’m always hungry to learn more. Every day is a learning day and everyone can teach you something. I teach Hatha, Vinayasa and Yin Yoga. I’m not super bendy (it’s all those sports!) and I can’t do lots of postures yet – or ever and that’s ok. Yoga is not about that. This is where I teach yoga from.

I think that there’s a perception out there that you have to be super skinny , flexible, fit, great balance etc,etc, to do yoga.

No! – Being the opposite of all that- is exactly why you should practice! It’s called a practice for a reason – it’s not about the end result. It’s just you and your mat – with no strings attached or expectations.

I practice lots of different styles of yoga as I get something different from each one. My own practice continues to evolve and I believe that you are forever a student of this amazing discipline.

I regularly meditate and am really loving the benefits that this practice brings.

The reason why I teach yoga is that with my practice it has fundamentally changed how I view life, how I live life and it’s for the better. It’s no longer something that I do – it’s a part of me and part of my lifestyle. For me Yoga is no longer about the asanas (postures) on the mat . The skills you learn there work their way into every aspect of your life. It’s the inner work where the real journey happens.

I serendipitously found Reiki and loved it – almost to my surprise as I would have been pretty sceptical before hand. It’s really benefited me & I’ve seen first hand the benefits it can bring to others too.

The sound healing is something I’ve been interested in for years and I love, love, love it! My collection of sound therapy instruments is unapologetically growing! I don’t remember a time before being drawn to Himalayan Singing Bowls – they are just truly amazing.

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