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My story……Who am I? 


I’m yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, sound healer, meditation practitioner, an adventure sports instructor and trek leader.I’m passionate about nature, travelling and lover of life. My background is as an Outdoor Adventure Sports instructor  – teaching mountain navigation, hillwalking skills, kayaking, rock climbing, first aid, orienteering, sailing & camp skills. I’m an expedition Leader for an amazing Irish Company called earths-edge and that allows me to get some of my travel bug itched!


There’s so much to do and so much to learn!


img_3539-2Every day is a learning day, whether you’re on the yoga mat, the water or on the mountain.                                        

 I will forever be an eternal student and I believe that you can learn something from everyone you meet.

I may teach many things, but that is because I want to share my experience with others.

Teaching is my passion, and to watch others learn a skill and grow in their their potential is very rewarding.

Especially when they find something that they didn’t even really know existed and they excel at it -with a natural proficiency that’s astounding. Or to see people push through the boundaries that may have unknowingly set themselves and the realisation of their potential that comes with that.

As a therapist and Yoga teacher what I love is providing a safe space for people to just be and to share in their journey to question, compassion, kindness and self acceptance.   


I find that my outdoor teaching has influenced where I teach yoga from – understanding physical limitations from a lack of flexibility, understanding injury and maintaining your physical health. The yoga world has also influenced how I am in the outdoors both for myself and from a teaching point of view. I believe these worlds complement each other.

I set up holisticlife in order to help people live a balanced life.                              

People are getting busier and are losing their connection with nature and more importantly themselves. I believe that it is super important to pause and reflect in order to be able to reconnect. I hope to provide a physical time and space to do that and for this website to be a vehicle for information and self reflection.

My yoga journey started many years ago, but to be honest I drifted in and out of it- it was just another thing to try and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t have a regular practice.img_5174

Then about 6 years ago, I started a regular practice ending up being completely in love with it and practising 3-5 times a week. For the past 5 years I’ve pretty much had a daily practice, which lead me to do my teacher training- which I loved. That was the start of it – I’ve done other teacher trainings since & have more planned! I believe that you always a student and I’m always hungry to learn more. Every day is a learning day and everyone can teach you something. I teach Hatha, Vinayasa and Yin Yoga. I’m not super bendy (it’s all that hillwalking!) and I can’t do lots of postures yet – or ever, but yoga is not about that. This is where I want to teach yoga from. I’ve already gotten so much out of my own yoga practice that I want to give back and share this experience with others.

I think that there’s a perception out there, that you have to be super skinny , flexible, fit, great balance…etc,etc to do yoga.

No! – Being the opposite of all that- is why you should practice! It’s called a practice for a reason – it’s not about the end result. It’s just you and your mat with no strings attached or expectations.


I regularly meditate and am really loving the benefits that this practice brings. The skills you learn with yoga and mediation work their way into the every day of your life.                                                                   

The reason why I teach yoga is that with my practice it has fundamentally changed how I view life, how I live life and its for the better. It’s no longer something that I do – it’s a part of me and part of my lifestyle.

I don’t expect every one to want to do yoga-  at all! -never mind every day- but by trying it you might just open yourself up to something else within yourself. For me the yoga is no longer about the asanas (postures) on the mat .

I’m trained to teach Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga andwhich are all quite different – but I love them all. I’m also a practitioner of Ashtanga, Hot, Iyengar, Yin and Restorative Yoga. There are so many styles of yoga – it can also be confusing for people- see my “flavours of yoga” article  for more information. The different styles of Yoga all bring something different to the foreground. Try them all and see which one resonates with you. You can then specialise with one style, or if you’re like me – you could decide you love them all and incorporate the different aspects into your own practice. I call that having your bread buttered on both sides!

img_3581.jpgI serendipitously found Reiki and loved it – almost to my surprise, as I would have been pretty sceptical before hand. I may be spiritual, but I’m a scientist at heart! Reiki is now also part of my everyday. I don’t speak about it unless people are curious, as I believe that you are in charge of your own healing- when and if the time is right for you- you’ll find Reiki.



The sound healing is something I’ve been interested in for years – even before I first travelled to Nepal and I love, love, love it! It is really interesting.

If you’d like to find out more about any of these disciplines, check out my article page where there is more information on each of them.

I love travelling and I permanently have itchy feet – I don’t think that’ll ever leave me. I won’t give you a list of countries, let’s leave some interesting conversation for when we meet & I’ll bet you’ve also been to lots of places that I’d love to go to!

I’m proud to be an expedition Leader for an amazing Irish Company called earths-edge and that work allows me to combine my passions and travel to amazing places like the Himalayas, Africa and South America.

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Some of my qualifications include;

  • Yoga Teacher RYT200 – Hatha , Vinayasa.
  • Yin Yoga & Yin Meditation teacher
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Advanced Reiki Practitioner
  • Sound Healing Practitioner
  • QQI Level 5 Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy & Holistic Studies.
  • Remote Emergency Care Level 3
  • Certificate in Natural Sciences
  • Dip. in Centre management
  • Currently furthering my studies in Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing and Reiki.

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