Lifting the lid on Mindfulness….

Mindfulness is a journey not a destination. It gives you perspective. It doesn't mean that you're absolved from life's problems, but when they show up - you have a solid base to work from. It's a learned skill that needs nourishing. It's within everyone's grasp - should they turn their attention to it. 

The benefits of Yoga

There you are in the mirror............... staring at all the things that bother you about your body.................. The chit chat of the monkey mind, giving you an on board commentary about how inadequate you really are, and why did I think I could even do this?

The many flavours of yoga….

Yoga is like ice cream.... With so many flavours to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what style is right for you. Yoga is thousands of years old, so many styles have been developed over the years. Here's a simple short guide (in no particular order) of what some of the Yoga styles have... Continue Reading →

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