Reiki individual session

You will be warmly welcomed.

You will be treated with kindness & respect.

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Want to reduce stress in your life?

Want to take time out just for you?                                                                        

Feeling like you need to reconnect with yourself?

A Reiki session shifts energy blockages in your body to allow your body’s natural healing to take place.

Reiki can reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve healing, complement conventional medicine without interfering with it to support your body’s natural healing abilities.

There is nothing expected of you in a session- just to relax. All you need to do is wear loose comfortable clothing, you remain fully clothed and lie face up on a plinth. Blankets are provided for your comfort.

My hands are placed lightly above your body to balance each Chakra, moving along these points.

Reiki is not a massage and is not intrusive in anyway for the client.

After the session you should feel relaxed, but may experience a variety of emotions over the next few days as the energy shifts in your body.

Please contact me for an appointment availability. Just use the contact page to get in touch to arrange an appointment, with the date, time and location that suits you. Usually a series of 3 sessions is advised to really feel the benefits.

I work in studios in Donabate village and Leixlip village.

Book a session. It might be a whole new way to relax & taking time out is a very important and worthwhile endeavour!

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Sound Healing.

Fertility Reflexology.
Oncology Reflexology.
Thai Foot Massage

Therapeutic Ear Candling and Facial.

Indian Head Massage.

Holistic Sinus treatment.

One to one: Meditation and yoga classes.

Obus School and Wellness Centre, Leixlip.
Call 01 6282121 to book your session!

*There are some people that Sound Healing is not suitable for, see below for details.

I also work in studio in Donabate village.

Please contact me for appointment availability.

If you’d like to know more check out What is Reiki? in the Blog section.

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