Want some time out?

Press pause and give yourself some attention and take time out to unwind.

Retreats are available in one day or multi day format. They can include the following but each one is custom made to suit the amount of time available to clients.

Check out Events to see scheduled retreats or organise your own one!


Exploring meditation techniques in a non dogmatic way and find practical ways to bring meditation into your daily life.

Yin Yoga

This quiet introspective Yoga practice will allow you to really work on the body mind connection.

Yin Yoga reduces stress, improves flexibility, emotional, mental health & your well being.

This session will give you the space to breathe and connect with self.

Restorative Yoga 

Whether you’re recovering from illness or injury , whether you suffer with anxiety, stress

or you’re always super busy….. This session will allow you to deeply relax & to step off the world for a break!

In this session we truly let go. This is Pure Time Out for you.

Hatha Yoga

We delve into postures, allowing us the time to look at them perhaps in a different way to the way we practice in class. You will have time to explore your balance, flexibility and strength – and don’t worry if you don’t have lots of any of these – this is also for you. Nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness or flexibility test.

Group Sound Bath

Relax, unwind, switch off and absorb the sound scape as it changes around you with Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, energy chimes, gong, tuning forks, voice and silence.

Experience the luxurious and mystical sounds of Himalayan singing bowls. Relax and drift off, as you allow of your senses to feel & drift into a soundscape of relaxation. Together we will go on a sound journey as you venture inward.

What you get out of the retreat:

  • A safe accepting place to be yourself.
  • A chance to press pause on your life, to reflect and reconnect with yourself.
  • Yoga Practice.
  • Meditation Practice. 
  • Sound Therapy.
  • All Yoga props -mats, bolsters , blocks, straps, pillows, blankets & eye masks are provided.
  • A teacher who is qualified to teach all aspects of this very special retreat. 
  • Time out for you to journal, discover, rejuvenate & Rebalance.
  • Meet other like minded people
  • Space to renew, breathe and venture inward.
  • After this retreat you will feel calmer, centred, grounded, rooted & relaxed.

As a Sound therapist and Yoga teacher what I love is providing a safe space for people to just be and to share in their journey to question, compassion, kindness and self acceptance.

2019 Urban Yoga Retreat Weekends

Give yourself some TLC.

Take time out to unwind.

For general information see Retreats 

For 2 day Retreat itinerary: Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate Weekend

For 1 day Retreat itinerary: Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate. One day Retreat.


1 Day Urban Yoga Retreat Dates;

March 16th, 2019.

December 8th, 2019.                       Book December 8th Retreat   Or Call: 01 6282121


2 Day Urban Yoga Retreat Dates;


May 5th & 6th, 2019.

June 2nd & 3rd, 2019.

August 4th & 5th, 2019.

October 27th & 28th, 2019.              Book October Retreat  Or Call: 01 628 2121

December 29th & 30th, 2019.           Book December Retreat Or Call: 01 628 2121

10am-5pm, @ Obus Wellness in Leixlip.

All dates are Sunday & Monday.

Urban Yoga Retreat Cost:
€ 195 for 2 days or € 115 for 1 day.

Places are limited and prioritised to those attending both days – early booking is advisable.

To Book Call: 01 628 2121

For 2 day Retreat itinerary click Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate Weekend


Wellness Wednesdays

Take some time out during the week to touch base with you.

Scheduled to fit in between school runs – a great chance for time out for busy mams or dads during their week. Meet other like minded people and enjoy a day out!

background balance beach boulder

Aromatherapy, Meditation, Heart Chakra Massage, Destress Techniques, Restorative Yoga.

9.45am-2.30pm, @ Obus Wellness in Leixlip.

Wednesday October 2nd 2019. 

Wednesday October 23rd 2019.         

To Book Call: 01 628 2121

To see even more Events

For an appointment or to stay updated Contact me to join my mailing list!

If you would like to host a retreat at your venue, get in touch with your details please.

If you don’t have a venue but have a group of people interested in having a retreat – get in touch and we can organise one!

Longer retreats allow time to delve even deeper and for sessions in other areas – e.g. Chakras, Pranayama – or Breathing techniques, Mandalas, practical sessions learning how to use singing bowls and more.

Retreats can be customised to your schedule. 1- 14 day Retreat schedules available. Contact Mary

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