Want some time out?

Press pause and give yourself some attention and take time out to unwind.

Retreats are available in one day or multi day format. They can include the following but each one is custom made to suit the amount of time available to clients.

Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate. One day Retreat.

For one day, press pause and give yourself some attention and take time out to unwind.

Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate Weekend

Dedicate 2 days to taking care of your body and your mind with Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Beginners Meditation and Mindfulness One day Retreat.

Yoga and Mindfulness One day retreat.   

For those who are new to Meditation, this retreat will provide the space for you to explore your body and mind. 

Meditation and Mindfulness One day Retreat.

This one day retreat is for those who have already have some meditation experience.

You might be a current practitioner looking to delve deeper, perhaps you have questions about your practice, are looking for new ideas or want to reignite a practice that has dwindled.

Relax, Restore & Rejuvenate 7 day Retreat.

This retreat does what it says on the packet. It is designed to allow you to really reconnect with yourself, to take time out and journey within.

Self kindness Retreat. 7 days of self care. 

This retreat allows you time to put you at the centre of your life. To take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Wellness Wednesdays.

Take some time out during the week to touch base with you.

A great chance for time out for busy people during their week. Meet other like minded people and enjoy a day out!

Scheduled to fit in between school runs.

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If you don’t have a venue but have a group of people interested in having a retreat – get in touch and we can organise one!

Longer retreats allow time to delve even deeper and for sessions in other areas – e.g. Chakras, Pranayama – or Breathing techniques, Mandalas, practical sessions learning how to use singing bowls and more.

Retreats can be customised to your schedule. 1- 14 day Retreat schedules available. Contact Mary

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