Vinyasa Yoga

Want to take time out just for you ? Build strength, stamina and sweat with this active Yoga flow.

This Vinyasa flow is a sequence of yoga postures, built in series with each flow building on the previous sequence. There are options available for all levels – so if you feel like really pushing yourself you can and just as vital, you can take it easier too ….. listening to your body on the day.

This is a fast paced class linking postures together, we connect the movement with our breath. It’s almost like a dance – but you don’t have to be co-ordinated or fit to try! – you may end up facing the wrong way, wobble , fall , flop then rejoin , laugh, work hard and have fun doing it! If you like to mix up your yoga this is for you.

We finish with a meditation, allowing our bodies to cool, heart beat to settle and our breathing to calm. The meditation will allow us to journey inwards and to accept what we find there in that moment.

Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or not, whether you regularly meditate or or not, or maybe you have never tried either before – stretch and breathe.
Come and try it!

In this workshop nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness, or flexibility test. Turn up in comfortable clothing, with a yoga mat, water and towel, with no expectations of yourself, just stretch, bend, move and sweat as much as you need for you on the day.

Vinyasa can be experienced as a class and as longer workshops.                                             It can also be combined with other forms of Yoga, Meditation and a Sound Bath if you’d really like to unwind!

If you’d like to find out more about Vinyasa Yoga or Meditation – take a look at The many flavours of yoga in the Article section.  If you’d like to book have a look at Upcoming Events


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