Holistic Therapies

You will be warmly welcomed.

You will be treated with kindness & respect.

Maybe you just need some time out, maybe you’re intimidated by a group setting, maybe the event dates that are up just don’t suit your schedule. Maybe you’re looking for something tailored to you.

Individual therapies are just that. Just for you and you get to decide which therapy is most suited to your needs right now.

Don’t wait till things change, don’t wait for your mates to get back to you, just look after your own self care.

Choose from individual sessions in Yoga.

Introduce yourself to the practise, develop your personal practise, trouble shoot a posture you’re working on the choice is endless! Let’s chat if you don’t know where to start!

woman flexing her legs

woman meditating in the outdoors

Mindfulness & Meditation

Maybe you don’t know how to meditate & want to learn. Maybe your current practise needs to be rebooted.Maybe you’re searching for new methods or everyday applications. Have a look in this section and book a private session to tailor to your needs.

Have an individual treatment in Sound Therapy.

Get out of your own head and into your body. Relax as the vibrations of the bowls on you send vibrations into your body allowing it to do the healing.

lighted candle near bronze bowl


A Reiki session shifts energy blockages in your body to allow your body’s natural healing to take place.

It can reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve healing, complement conventional medicine without interfering with it to support your body’s natural healing abilities.

Ear Candling is a is a deeply relaxing and grounding experience, you also enjoy a facial lymphatic massage as part of this session.


Reflexology can be used to support health and bring you back to balance. It is a very relaxing therapy.

Points on the feet or hands represent the whole body, when these points are stimulated the whole zone of the body responds to bring it towards balance.

Have a relaxing foot reflexology session.

Fertility Reflexology.
Oncology Reflexology.

Hand Reflexology is a way to bring the mind body and spirit back into harmony and balance. Hand reflexology is a lovely therapy which can nurture you and lead you to balance.

person holding hand

Thai Foot Massage.

A Thai foot massage is truly a great way to relax. This treatment combines massage and elements of Reflexology to aid in overall balance and well being.

Holistic Sinus Treatment

Holistic Sinus treatment focuses on the head, neck, face and feet or hands. 

Stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation in the face and head and feet – thus eliminating toxins.

Lift your mood and free your mind.

Learn how to use essential oils in your everyday life to improve your health and well being.

Or have a hand or foot massage with essential oils. Contact me 

Clinic Hours





Book your hour of self care.

€65 for a Reiki session,

All other sessions are €75/hour.

Sound Therapy.


Hand Reflexology.

Facial Reflexology.

Fertility Reflexology.
Oncology Reflexology.

Thai Foot Massage

Therapeutic Ear Candling and Facial.

Indian Head Massage.

Holistic Sinus treatment.

One to one: Meditation and yoga classes.

Obus School and Wellness Centre, Leixlip.
Call 01 6282121 to book your session!

*There are some people that Sound Therapy is not suitable for, see below for details.

If you would like to host your own group event or book a personal session – Contact Me  and I’ll be in touch!

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If you don’t see a date or venue that suits, If you would like to host your own group event or book a personal session – Contact Me  and I’ll be in touch!

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