Meditation Course; 8 weeks.

Want to learn a skill for life?

Ever wanted to learn how to meditate?

Want to restart meditating because you’ve lost your practice?

Tried to meditate but just can’t do it?

Want to find ways to make it easier?

Then this course is for you.

Each week through meditation practice and discussion in an informal way, we shall look at a  variety of meditation techniques.

Explore these techniques in a non dogmatic way and find practical ways to bring meditation into your daily lives.

The benefits of meditation include; better focus, cognitive skills, decision making, problem solving. It helps us manage loneliness, stress, depression , anxiety – increasing our awareness, relaxation and emotional health. This carries over into our daily lives allowing us to be more mindful. Meditation helps us improve our breathing, reduce blood pressure boost our immunity and increases our memory recall and attention span. Meditation is the source of many scientific studies because of these physical , mental and emotional benefits. Start your journey today!

Dress comfortably, bring a cushion, blanket, notebook & pen.

Time: 1 Hour weekly sessions for 8 weeks

What do I need to bring?   Dress comfortably, wear stretchy or non restrictive clothing, some cushions, blanket & a water bottle.

Is it ok for beginners to attend?   Yes – whatever your level – you are welcome!

Book your spot! Events

Contact me & I can customise a gift voucher to the amount you’d like.

If you don’t see a date or venue that suits, If you would like to host your own group event or book a personal session – Contact Me  and I’ll be in touch!

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Helping you live a balanced life

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