Introduction to the Chakras

Ever wanted to know about the Chakras? Then this course is for you!

In this course you will learn: 

What are Chakras?

Where Chakras are located.

The impact each Chakra has on us and how our knowledge of the Chakras can help us improve our health and well being.

You will learn how to identify which Chakra is out of balance and how to clear them.

Gain practical experience of how balancing the Chakras can affect our mood and improve our connection with self.

Through discussion and reflection, and practical exercises we will look at different techniques with working with the Chakras.

This workshop is suitable for all.

In this course nothing is expected of you, dress comfortably, bring a notebook and pen,

Places are limited, so booking in advance is essential.

To Book your place: Events

Helping you live a more balanced life

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