Yin Yoga

Time out, just for you.

This is a quiet, slow, contemplative practice that complements a busy mind or lifestyle, regular yoga practice and other sports.

Yin Yoga has many benefits including; improving flexibility, reducing stress, improving emotional, mental health and well being.

This is for you if you’d like to really spend time getting to know your body and your mind. It will give you time out, just for you. To contemplate, investigate, to reflect, to nourish your body and mind. While physically we won’t be moving quickly, or building up a sweat like in other yoga classes, this is a much quieter, slower practice. We explore our bodies and minds, through a series of floor postures, which we hold for several minutes working deep into the fascia. Taking the time to stretch and lengthen and to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Yin Yoga challenges people and every posture will explore different aspects of that. You don’t have to be flexible to try this!

This is suitable for all levels, including if you’ve never tried yoga before.

Nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not an endurance, or flexibility test. This will facilitate you in exploring your body in a safe and structured way. While the aim is to hold postures for longer, there is always the option to exit earlier- we practice with awareness and compassion.

Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, water, a cushion & blanket & with no expectations of yourself – just stretch, bend and move.

Yin Yoga can be experienced as a class and as longer workshops.                                           It can also be combined with Meditation and a Sound Bath if you’d really like to unwind!

If you’d like to find out more about what Yin Yoga is take a look at the The many flavours of yoga in the Article section.

If you’d like to book a workshop have a look at Upcoming Events

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