Beginner Yoga Workshop

Ever wondered what yoga is all about? Ever wondered why it’s so popular and what are all the different types?  Don’t have time to commit to a 6 week class? Well this workshop is for you.

Come along and discover what it’s all about.

Yoga has the perception of everyone being young, female, gorgeous, skinny, fit and super bendy….. Let’s just knock that right on the head.

Sure you get those kind of people going to yoga, but if you think that’s what yoga is about, you’re missing the point. What does a yogi look like, what can they do? A yogi can be anyone – including you, why not give it a go?

Come with an open mind, with no expectations of yourself, bring a friend, have a laugh – yes- you are allowed laugh in yoga!

Stretch, Bend, Ask questions, Experience, Move, Breathe. Reconnect with your mind and your body in this workshop.

2 hours can sound a lot when you haven’t done something before but do not worry, we break it down into an active yoga class at the beginning and winding down for the second half of the workshop. Moving from the outside to the inside, from our physicality to our mentality within. Every asana (posture) is a choice to try, or to sit out and you can push yourself, or take it easy. All I ask is that you allow yourself the opportunity to try – while you’re here!

In this workshop nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness or a flexibility test. Turn up in comfortable clothing, with a yoga mat, water and towel, with no expectations of yourself, just stretch, bend and move as much as you need to on the day.

There are two types of Beginner workshops that I run – Hatha and Vinyasa. Hatha explores lots of asanas (postures) improving strength, flexibility, strength and balance. Vinyasa is faster paced based on a flow of postures – great for building up strength, stamina and a sweat.

The Yin workshop is slow paced , mainly floor postures with longer holds and is suitable for all levels including beginners – great fro improving your flexibility. If none of that last sentence made sense! – Check out The many flavours of yoga…. article to see what style appeals to you.

Or the other workshop pages Hatha Yoga and Meditation Workshop Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation Workshop.Yin Yoga and Meditation Workshop to give you an idea –  but with the emphasis being on Beginners – so you can just turn up – no stress, no worries – just play!

Price: €30

Time :  2 hours

If you’re curious about yoga and meditation and want to learn more… check out the following  The benefits of Yoga ,  The many flavours of yoga…. and What does a yogi look like? in the Article section.  If you’d like to book have a look at Upcoming Events

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