Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop

Yin and Yang Workshop.

Discover both your Yoga sides.

This workshop is time out for you.

This is for you, if you want to take time out of your week, your life, to reconnect with yourself. You will take time out to get in tune with yourself  – working from the outside to the inside, leaving you feeling balanced in body and mind.

We begin with the active movement of a Hatha Yoga class, stretching and strengthening our bodies in this Yang practice. We follow this by exploring a passive Yin yoga class, moving deeper into our muscles, holding postures for longer periods of time – in a supported and safe way. The Yang part of the practice works on improving strength while the Yin part of the class improves our flexibility – especially if we have none!

In this workshop nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness, or flexibility test. Turn up in comfortable clothing, with a mat, with no expectations of yourself, just stretch, bend, as far as you wish, accepting yourself in all of your aspects.

If you’d like to find out more about Yang Yoga or Yin Yoga is – take a look at The many flavours of Yoga…. in the Article section.  If you’d like to book have a look at Upcoming Events

Price: €30

Time :  2 hours

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