Yin Yoga and Sound Bath

This workshop is for you if you’d like to really unwind. It will give you time out, just for you. To relax, contemplate, to reflect, to nourish your body and your mind.

We explore our bodies and minds through a series of floor postures which we hold for several minutes. Taking the time to go deep into your muscles and mind, to stretch and lengthen and to let go of anything that no longer serves you. We practice with mindfulness, compassion and patience.

We finish the workshop with a Group Sound Bath. Really relax, unwind, switch off and absorb the soundscape as it changes around you – with Himalayan singing bowls, Solfeggio Chimes, energy chimes, tuning forks, voice and silence. Experience the luxurious and mystical sounds of Himalayan singing bowls. Relax and drift off, as you allow of your senses to feel & drift into a soundscape of relaxation. Together we will go on a sound journey as you venture inward.

In this workshop nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness, or flexibility test. Turn up in comfortable clothing, with a mat, with no expectations of yourself, just stretch, bend, as far as you wish, accepting yourself in all of your aspects.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, including if you’ve never tried yoga before.

Note, there are some people that a sound bath is not suitable for and these include: if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy, have cancerous tumours, if you have a pace maker, metal plates or implants. If you are within 3 months of a major surgery or emotional upheaval in your life. Participants will be asked to remove jewellery before we begin … this is giving you a head start!

Price: €30

Time :  2 hours

If you’d like to find out more about what Yin yoga or Sound Healing are take a look at The many flavours of yoga…. and What is sound healing? in the Article section. If you’d like to book a workshop have a look at Upcoming Events

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