Introduction to Sound Therapy

Ever wanted to learn about Sound Therapy*? 

Have you experienced a sound bath and wondered how and why it works?

Want to buy a bowl but don’t know how to choose one?

This is your chance to learn all about it ! 

Ask Questions & if you own a bowl and want to find out more about it – bring it along!

You will learn about Sound Therapy, You will use Himalayan singing bowls, You will finish the day with a Group Sound Bath.

This course covers;

The origins of Sound Therapy.

What is Sound Therapy? How does it work?

How do singing bowls work?

About Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Notes, Bowls and Chakras.

What are they made of?

How to use and care for your singing bowl.

*There are some people that Sound Therapy is not suitable for and these include: if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy,  if you have a pace maker, metal plates or implants. If you are within 3 months of a major surgery or emotional upheaval in your life. If you have difficulty lying on the floor you need to contact the office do discuss how we can assist you in attending. If you’re in doubt about whether it is suitable or not just get in touch through the contact page.

Be kind to yourself during these uncertain times.

Your health and wellbeing matters.

If you look after yourself, you are looking after your family and friends by being the healthiest version of yourself.

Hydrate well, Eat well, Rest well, Sleep well.

Limit your time on social media and watching the news, fear is more contagious than anything and stress does not help your immune system.

Do things that nourish your body mind and spirit – even if you’re in self isolation.

Next Course dates:

February 12th, 2022.

May 4th, 2022.

July 3rd, 2022.

10am- 4pm @ Obus Wellness in Leixlip.

To Book Call: 00353 (0) 1 628 21 21

Come play!!

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