Introduction to Sound Healing

Ever wanted to learn about sound healing? 

Have you experienced a sound bath and wondered how and why it works?

Want to buy a bowl but don’t know how to choose one?

This is your chance to learn all about it ! 

Ask Questions & if you own a bowl and want to find out more about it – bring it along!

You will learn about Sound healing, You will use Himalayan singing bowls, You will finish the day with a Group Sound Bath.

This course covers;

The origins of Sound Healing.

What is sound healing? How does it work?

How do singing bowls work?

About Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Notes, Bowls and Chakras.

What are they made of?

How to use and care for your singing bowl.

Next Course dates:

Wednesday, April 29th.

Wednesday, May 13th.

Saturday, July 25th.

10am- 4pm @ Obus Wellness in Leixlip. € 125.

To Book Call: 00353 (0) 1 628 21 21

Come play!!


Coming Soon…..Practitioner training….

Watch this space or Contact me to be notified when it’s released!


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