These are from some of my lovely clients, but I haven’t included their names, as to protect their privacy. I am bound by one of the Yogic “Yamas”  or principles, ethical rules guides for living as a Yoga & Yogini. Satya is Sanskrit for  – truthfulness, non falsehoods.

 May 29th. 2018.
Really enjoyed it was exactly what I needed and I will 100% see you again please keep me updated of any workshops or yoga days your doing.
 April 19th.2018
Thanks so much for the class I loved it. Hope to do a class soon!
April 9th. 2018.
I really loved the session on Sat. Thank you for being so kind and attentive.
April 7th. 2018.
I loved your trilogy of yoga classes. It was the first time I actually enjoyed yoga. Previously the pace of the class moved too quickly for me and I would get frustrated by my own inflexibility and just give up! In particular I enjoyed the yin class and will definitely practice this at home. You make the experience really enjoyable by advocating the ‘this is not a competition’ approach to it.
April 7th. 2018.
I loved our session today. I would never have tried it except that my daughter spotted it and booked and then couldn’t go,so suggested I go. I didn’t think Yoga was for me but really took to it. Because of the way you introduced it and emphasised the importance of going at your own pace, I totally got in touch with my body and did that, oblivious to what anyone else was doing .

January 21. 2018.                                                                                                                       Attended the beginners Hatha workshop today. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend. Thanks so much.


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