These are some examples of the feedback I’ve received from some of my lovely clients, I haven’t included their names to protect their privacy.  

I choose to abide by the Yogic “Yamas”  or principles, ethical rules guides for living as a Yogini.   One of them is Satya. Satya is Sanskrit for  – truthfulness, non falsehoods.      

This is Why I do, what I do…..    


Thanks Mary I really felt it was very beneficial and relaxing treatment.

The treatment was to alleviate my blocked sinuses and already felt the benefits by the time my treatment was finished Mary was very professional and I enjoyed the experience thank you

The moment I arrived, I felt at ease with Mary. She is very intuitive, friendly, and extremely professional. I felt my treatment was tailored just for me. It was incredible. I can’t wait to book again. Thanks again Mary

Amazing holistic treatment tailored exactly to my needs

Very relaxing treatment I think I’ll sleep well tonight. I haven’t had a Indian head massage like that before it was lovely thanks.

Really enjoyable first time doing reiki well be booking in again


 Loved the treatment with Mary. Beautiful surroundings.

I had a wonderful treatment today, extremely relaxing and was looked after so well. Thank you

Great session with Mary, extremely welcoming and professional. The treatment seems to have started to do the trick too! Whoop!

Mary, the treatment was such a lovely experience, I felt very looked after and it was fantastic self care. Thank you so much. I’ll be back.

Felt relaxed as soon as I walked in to the treatment room! Mary was an absolute pet and I thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology treatment. Floated out the door and ready for good night sleep now! I’ll be back soon. Thank you!

A delightfully relaxing head, body massage…with all my clothes on! Thanks to Mary

Feel great after my ear candling and lymph cupping. Look forward to my next treatment.

I had the most beautiful relaxing Reiki with Mary she’s amazing xx

Another great healing with Mary. Thanks a mill

Left feeling so relaxed.

First time for Sound Therapy Session and first time to meet Mary., although I’ve been to Obus many times for other treatments. I have been through a difficult few weeks and was drawn to Sound Therapy and I am so happy that I went. Mary made me feel safe and it was a beautiful, relaxing, grounding experience. I would highly recommend this Therapy and 5 Stars to Mary for her healing and guidance. Much gratitude Clare

Mary explained everything really clearly and we discussed other treatments that would be beneficial also, it was my first time for the ear candle treatment and will definitely be back.

Another great session with Mary. Always feel great afterwards. Thanks a mill.

Beautiful massage!!! Mary is a fantastic tutor!!! Highly recommend this course.

(Thai Foot Massage course)

Thanks for a fantastic Sunday afternoon Mary, was absolutely fab.

Mary is very friendly and professional. It was very relaxing- thank you Mary. I will be coming back for other treatments.

Mary was amazing . She gave off a very gentle healing vibe , will definitely book in with her again. x

Fabulous treatment and lovely lady who offered lots of aftercare tips

Excellent as always.


“Loved Module One with Mary. She has such great knowledge and passion for sound therapy that’s both inspiring and infectious! Highly recommend this course and so looking forward to module two.”    

(Certificate in Sound Healing)

“Thank you for a lovely healing session on Saturday Mary,  mam & I thoroughly enjoyed it and are feeling the positive benefits.”

“We will both be there for the next sound bath!”    

“Thank you Mary, I so enjoyed yesterday’s sound bath, Thanks a mill, it’s always brilliant and so relaxing and rejuvenating on so many levels.”  

“So last Wednesday I got to experience over 2 hours of wonderful Yin and Restorative Yoga with the amazing Mary. She has workshops coming up – do yourself a favour. Thank you Mary.”    

“I care holistically for those who are vulnerable and need my skills and support at a very fragile time at the end of a life. The time is valued. How I approach and interact really matters. To be good enough to hear the needs of others and to respond effectively, I need to keep me well nurtured. Restorative yoga gives me a monthly space to be restored. I turn up and I am guided and I am minded. Mary facilitates a safe space for me to be and somehow the body heals all the chaos and impaired areas of my days and nights. How amazing that what I need just arrives to me when I need it. Thankfully I can receive this wonderful gift of presence and place, that enables me to be more then I could ask or imagine.”  

(Restorative yoga)

“Thanks again for sharing your energy with us all. Found the course to be very relaxing, emotional at times but overall very beneficial. Look forward to working with you again in the future.”  

(Certificate in Sound Healing)


“I’d highly recommend booking yourself a soundbath, take 60mins out for yourself.”      

“I really enjoyed yesterday. It was such an experience…I will definitely be doing another sound bath. I was amazed by it and even convinced my husband that he would love it.”      

“Many thanks for Saturday. Really, really enjoyed the sessions and looking forward to the next ones.”  

“Thank you very much, we all enjoyed Saturday evening’s so much!”  

“Thank you for a lovely day.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was fascinating – I loved it.”  

“Your passion for sound really shines through.”  

(Certificate in Sound Healing)

“Thank you so much for all the assistance you gave me  –  it was my first introduction to Yoga and I really enjoyed the class.  Yours is a very gentle approach and in time I could see myself benefiting from the different positions.”

“I really enjoyed the session. I’ll be visiting again.”

“Thanks for that Mary.  Enjoyed the workshop and look forward to my next one!”

“Your Restorative Yoga Class in Donabate did what it said on the tin. Thank you most sincerely. I have been stiffness and pain free since!”

“Thank you Mary. I was not restored, but renewed! I so needed the class and it is only after that I understood how much. I needed new skills to assist sleep. I felt my hormones were more at ease. I was calmer, like an on looker who could impact without getting too involved.”

“I really enjoyed your class and look forward to the next one!”

“Beautiful space and pure tranquility during the Yin Yoga and Soundbath with Mary. My first time & I just loved the ease of the yoga moves and how Mary explained she went along. The sound healing absolutely beautiful, lying and listening to the sounds of the bowls and the chimes. Mary’s passion, her love, her energy shines through. Highly recommend and will be back. Refreshed and recharged for the day.”


“Would recommend doing the Urban Retreat. it’s a fantastic 2 days.”

“Thanks to the fabulous Mary our instructor for this weekend of discovery for us, I learned so much and used muscles I did not know I had!”

“So thanks again to Mary, we’ll certainly be back.”

“Thank you Mary for an amazing insight into the world of yoga and meditation and to myself. A great setting, a fantastic tutor and a wonderful experience. Highly recommend this.”

“Highly recommend the wonderful, nurturing and relaxing restorative yoga. Looking forward to going again!”

“That was a little slice of heaven.”    

“Really enjoyed it was exactly what I needed and I will 100% see you again.

  “Thanks so much for the class I loved it. Hope to do a class soon!”      

“I really loved the session on Sat. Thank you for being so kind and attentive.”    

“I loved your trilogy of yoga classes. It was the first time I actually enjoyed yoga. Previously the pace of the class moved too quickly for me and I would get frustrated by my own inflexibility and just give up! In particular I enjoyed the yin class and will definitely practice this at home. You make the experience really enjoyable by advocating the ‘this is not a competition’ approach to it.”      

“I loved our session today. I would never have tried it except that my daughter spotted it and booked and then couldn’t go,so suggested I go. I didn’t think Yoga was for me but really took to it. Because of the way you introduced it and emphasised the importance of going at your own pace, I totally got in touch with my body and did that, oblivious to what anyone else was doing .”    

“Attended the beginners Hatha workshop today. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and recommend. Thanks so much.”              

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