Mission, Booking Conditions, Your Data, Environmental policy & Class Etiquette.


To facilitate people to question and examine their own lives and get more balance in their life – whatever that means – for them. I’m not here to preach or judge – it’s about each individual journey. I hope to provide a space for self reflection, self compassion and self realisation.


Life is difficult- but we are not on our own- even though it feels that way sometimes.

holisticlife hopes to provide a platform for thought, inspiration, motivation and just a little pick me up!

Company overview

holisticlife was set up in order to help people live a balanced life.


I care deeply about the environment. Nature is my refuge, my playground, my space to rejuvinate and my source of solace, calm & inspiration. I conduct my business and my life in a way that is as light on the planet as possible. I believe the action of one person can make a difference. Yes, I print business cards & posters which I reuse – but you won’t see stacks of flyers left for people to take. I simply haven’t printed them. The last thing the planet needs is more flyers. I no longer even take other people’s business cards or flyers, but instead take a photograph on my phone – a lot lighter on the environment and you still have the information you need. I encourage you to do the same – not only with my business cards but everyone else’s too.

Data Protection.

In order for you to to book a workshop, I will need your details to contact you regarding workshop information and upcoming events. I use mailchimp to send newsletters. Your details will not be shared or passed on to any third party for any reason without your permission. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

If you haven’t heard from me since 2018 – please read this.

If you’d still like to receive updates – you need to resubscribe please. New GDPR laws mean that I cannot contact you unless you have reconfirmed this with me.


Fully insured for public indemnity insurance.

Yoga is a physical activity, as with all physical activity there are risks of injury and some could be potentially serious. I can’t tell what you are feeling – as yoga postures affect everyone differently. You are in charge of your own body and how much you push yourself, please be mindful in your practice and listen to your body when it is sending you signals. Do not push beyond your limitations  & these change every time you practice! Please ensure you are fit and healthy enough to attend – if you are in doubt about whether you are fit or well enough – please see your doctor before booking.

Booking Conditions & Refund policy.

Pre payment for events is required. This is important – For you: to actually commit to your health and set your intention for your practice. The energetics of this and other actions are decisions that set your journey of intentional living to move in the right direction for you. It means that you are physically, mentally and emotionally turning up for yourself rather than a last minute decision. Make a mindful choice for yourself! 

In order for events to go ahead – minimum numbers are required – which is why prebooking is also necessary- to ensure events happen and that you have a place on them.

On the day of events my focus is on teaching not the admin of events.

Please book your place early! 

Prebooking and pre payment means that at the event there is some time for me to be available for your questions instead of doing admin and that we can start on time.

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis – to ensure your place on a workshop a deposit or full payment is required. Deposits and payments are non refundable and not transferable to another date.

A full refund will be issued if a workshop is cancelled. If you can not attend a workshop that you have booked – you can not transfer payment to another date. However you can get somebody else to fill your place  & you must let me know in advance. If you arrive late to an event you will not be admitted to the session and a refund will not be issued.

Class Etiquette

Be respectful of your own time and to the other clients who have shown up for the session.

Arrive 15 mins before sessions start. This allows time to go to the toilet, register if you have not already done so and set up your mat and props. This ensures all sessions start on time.

Once the session has started those who are late will not be admitted.

All classes are a shoe free zone. Shoes should be taken off at the entrance and not worn in the studio.

Please do not borrow a studio mat or walk around the studio barefoot if you have any contagious foot skin disorder such as; athletes foot, veruccas or other. Wear socks and you can take them off (while only on your own mat) for practice.

Be hydrated before your practice and hydrate afterwards. You are welcome to to drink water during practise. Bring a reusable water bottle with a closing lid to avoid spillages.

All classes are a phone free zone. There are no exceptions here. Phones should be turned off for the duration of the session. Smart watches that allow notifications of any kind should also be removed and silenced.

Be mindful of personal hygiene, turn up clean, in clean fresh, clothes and avoid strong perfumes or body sprays. Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement.

No eating in the studio please.

If you are unwell, injured for have a contagious illness please wait until you are better before coming to class. If you have taken any intoxicants please wait until they are completely out of your system before coming to class.

Be mindful of other peoples space. Do not step on other people’s mats. Be conscientious while walking around the studio before and after class. Walk around not over people’s mats. Keep conversation to a minimum and be quiet. This allows people to be mindful, to contemplate, to prepare for class and to meditate if they wish. This also applies at the end of the session.

For Restorative Yoga sessions; Bring 3 blankets for your support during class (not warmth) , also an eye mask if you have one. If you wear glasses please bring a strong case for them and don’t leave them on the floor!

After class return any borrowed props to their original place, stored in the way that you found them.

Make sure you look around and take all of your belongings with you when you leave. Take a mindful moment to do this, it avoids stress later incase you lose something. I  am not responsible for any items lost or stolen.

After practise; stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, monitor your physical, mental and emotional well being for 24hours. Be kind to yourself.


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