Yoga. Meditation.

Sound Healing. Reiki.

Helping you to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Breathe, Meditate, Move.

Do what you need to get some balance in your life and take that awareness into your everyday life, to make small, long lasting changes & that will make all the difference.

Short on time? Events





Mindfulness and Meditation


Sound Therapy.



Yoga. Meditation.

Sound therapy. Reiki.


Workshops. Retreats.

Groups. One to One.

Have customised training in your workplace or off site venue.

Organise your own events.

Host workshops at your studio.

Host a retreat at your venue.

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Core Values

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My clients are important to me.

At events you will be warmly welcomed.

You will be treated with kindness and respect.




I am passionate about what I do.

My aim is to get people to slow down from the fast pace life we live in – and to not be so hard on themselves!



I have a varied and extensive teaching experience over many years.

I offer professional and friendly service that’s based around your needs.


I look forward to meeting you at Events


Or we can collaborate to create your own ideal event!

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