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Whether your company is big or small, whether you have or want to start a wellness programme for staff, whether you have a HR department or not, whether your workforce is highly stressed, highly motivated (or unmotivated) , highly skilled or highly in need of some TLC…….

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You’re working in an office, maybe you’re wearing a suit, no time to get sweaty or to change –  no problem.

You’re working as a tradesperson and you’ve got your utility trousers with the knees pads in – no problem!

It’s a physical job and your body needs other moment to compensate your repetitive work demands.

I can help fulfil a need in the workplace to provide an outlet to destress, focus, motivate and care for you and your staff.

The Business world can be a very stressful place with many, many demands.

Managing all of that and retaining staff can be difficult.

The culture of a company is nurtured from the top down and with every one working so hard – often in deep channels – it can be hard for all staff to take a breather and look up to appreciate what else is going on. This can lead to teams or departments not working as fluidly as they could and an impersonal culture which can leak into your customer service.

The benefits of bringing wellness into the work place are many…. it’s fun, there is individual learning and it’s a new way to experience the work environment. 

Wellness can be in many forms like Yoga or Meditation or maybe you just need to het out of your own head for an hour with a group Sound Bath*.

Wellness allows new colleague interactions. It can allow a forum for mixing up departments, skill sets and linking management with everyone.

This can be organised in smaller groups so that everyone attending feels safe and that they won’t be undermined in front of their work colleagues… or seen in lycra.

I can meet you where you are at-  just as you are. That’s the magic of it. However it only works if you do it!

This can be done in a way that suits your set up and sensitive to your needs. That means that people won’t feel threatened or ridiculed for wearing something different and can still participate and get all the benefits.

This creates a common ground for learning and development, not to mention all of the health benefits.

Wellness can create a calmer more centred workplace, allowing staff to reflect, exercise, to feel better, act better, feel part of something bigger, feel cared for, increase their motivation, productivity, aid in focus and clarity of thought

There is no typical session – This is about what will work for you.

I can tailor make a session, day, retreat or long term annual programme to suit your needs.

We can collaborate and customise your event, bringing in the philosophies of your companies ethos to the forefront too.

Building a healthier community in more ways than one – from within your company.

Have a look at the some of these pages for some ideas; YogaMindfulness & MeditationRetreats or Wellness Wednesdays

Begin to get the creative juices flowing, but there are lots of angles that we can take. You are in the driving seat but I am here to help you. Let’s discuss your wish list and or your problem list……and we can work on a solution to getting you & your staff to be happier, healthier, calmer and more productive.

I can come to your business and customise a class, a series of workshops or a Wellness programme, whether it is for individuals, a small group or a large group. Often immersions can work well for a cultural shift within a workplace. This could be a wellness week or 2 day immersion every season – whatever is more suited to your dynamic work environment.

This can lead to a work culture that allows staff to have an physical and mental development programme that caters to their needs.

If you’re still curious about Yoga – what it is and how it heals – check out The benefits of YogaThe many flavours of yoga…. and What does a yogi look like? article on the blog page.

Appointments are available on request, just Contact me and we’ll go from there.

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