Yoga means union. It is so much more than a series of shapes. It really is a vehicle to connect your body and your mind, to bring you home to yourself. There are many different styles – each one with a different intention – that means you can find a form of Yoga to meet you where you are at to get the best out of it.

Whether you want to get more flexible, stronger connect your body and your mind, take care of your physical, mental and emotional well being … there’s something here for you.

There is more than one type of Yoga.There’s a Yoga style to suit people who want to relax, or to sweat, or to increase their flexibility. You don’t have to wear tight stretchy pants. You can incorporate yoga into your every day!

Yoga is for Every Body shape and size. Yoga is not actually just for women! Yoga was a practice once reserved exclusively for male practitioners. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga has transferable skills – from mat to life.

I teach a variety of Yoga styles. I usually teach in a workshop or retreat setting. Then you can really get to know your practice regardless of your level. I also work with private groups or individuals over a period of time getting to know them and their specific needs.

What is a workshop?

A workshop allows you more time to practice. It’s longer than a typical yoga class so that you can dedicate a bit more time to doing postures and looking at what is going on in them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be fitter or more experienced. Workshops are for everyone.

I designed them with people in mind who do not have the time to dedicate a weekly slot in their life to a yoga class but yet would still like to try the practice or develop their current practice. It can also be a oppurtunity to deepen a current practice.

Yin Yoga 

This is a quiet, slow, contemplative practice that complements a busy mind or lifestyle, regular yoga practice and other sports. If you want to improve your joint mobility, flexibility & stability –  Yin is for you.

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga

involves the use or props to support the body to completely relax. It moves you towards health and wellbeing.

It is a way of really resting your body and allowing the body and mind to open up. Restorative Yoga

Hatha Yoga.

The active movement of Hatha Yoga, stretches and strengthens our bodies in this Yang practice. This allow us to delve into postures, looking at them perhaps in a functional way . Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

This is for you if you want to build strength, stamina and sweat with this active Yoga flow. Vinyasa Yoga

Delve into your yoga practice

The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform for a deeper understanding of your own yoga practice and some mindful ideas on how to approach it. Delve into your yoga practice


Pranayama- put simply is breathing techniques. We all know how to breathe right?

Most people are not in tune with how they breathe at all. Whether it is to manage stress, anxiety, to become more effective at your sport, to increase your awareness or as an aid to meditation. Breathing techniques help with everything! I usually incorporate Pranayama in every Yoga session I teach – there’s so much to learn that Pranayama can easily be a dedicated workshop in itself! 

Advice for my Yoga sessions!

Stretch, Bend, Ask questions, Experience, Move, Breathe.
Reconnect with your mind and your body.

Nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness or flexibility test.

Come as a beginner or as advanced practitioner.

Come with an open mind, with no expectations of yourself. Bring a friend, have a laugh – yes- you are allowed laugh in yoga!

Yoga can also be combined with Meditation and a Sound Bath if you’d really like to unwind!

In these sessions nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, it is not a fitness, or flexibility test. Turn up in comfortable clothing, with a yoga mat, water and towel, with no expectations of yourself, just stretch, bend, move and sweat as much as you need for you on the day.

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