Lughnasa is an Irish word meaning the month of August.

In modern Irish it is spelled Lúnasa.

It celebrated on August 1st, it marks half way between the Summer and Autumn equinox. Lughnasa is the beginning of the harvest season.

It is celebrated by Celts – in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The wheel of the Celtic Year connects with Fire.

In Ireland it is traditional to have Bonfires – which are connected with all the Celtic and pagan festivals.

Lughnasa is one of the four main Celtic pagan Festivals.

Imbolc in February to mark the start of Spring – St. Brigid’s day.

Bealtaine in May to mark the start of summer.

Lughnasa (August, Harvest) to mark the harvest and Samhain (Halloween) to mark the start of the darkest part of the year .

Bonfires celebrate Lughnasa in August to mark the beginning of main harvest season of the year.

The festival itself is named after the god Lugh.

A warrior member of Tuatha Dé Dannan( a supernatural race in Irish mythology – the folk of the gods and goddesses).

In Ireland, Co. Louth is also named after this god.

At Lughnasa there were rituals; gatherings of music, story telling, feasting, trading, matchmaking and parties.

There were customs of climbing hills and mountains at this time.

In some areas this habit has survived, with Reek Sunday still an extremely popular event around this time of year.

It has been reaffiliated with associations to St. Patick and many pilgrims climb Croagh Patrick, near Westport, in Co. Mayo on this day – (it is often held on the last Sunday of July).

The Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co.Kerry, another event that has happened for hundreds of years and may have its’ origins in Lughnasa traditions.

Many of these Celtic traditions are now being revived across the country.

Lughnasa festivals in many small towns and villages celebrating Summer with parties, song and dance.

What does this time of year mean to you?

As Summer begins to fade and

the harvest is in full swing….

What are you harvesting in your life?

What are you collecting?

What are you keeping and storing?

What are you planning to to grow next year in your life?

What are you encouraging to grow in all aspects of your life?

What are you cultivating and growing within your self?

Physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually?

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