Where your thoughts go, your energy flows

Ever had one of those days where your brain is going so fast , that you can’t speak fast enough, you can’t type fast enough, eat fast enough, can’t do anything fast enough and you feel like you are going to explode?

I think we’ve all had days where it feels like our thoughts are going to de-rail.

you want the world to stop,

so you can get off this mad merry go ride just for 5 mins?

Breathe – you are not on you’re own!

Where your thoughts go, your energy follows…..

Concentrate on all the bad things in your life and that’s what you see. 

Concentrate on all the good things in life and ….. you know where I’m going…..

It’s all about your perception.

Your point of view.

How do you feel in relation to your surroundings, yourself, your life.

Some days are good, some days are not.

Often you only look at stuff when it’s not going well but what about when it is going well?

Do you take time to notice it?

Do you acknowledge it?

Here’s a thought- Do you ever reflect on what it means for you when you’re in a good mood?

Do you ever stop to acknowledge your journey?

What set of circumstances have lead you to this point?

It’s not about wallowing in how great you are and subjecting everyone you meet to that fantastic news – but an inner acknowledgement. This might only take up a nano second in the middle of something in your day.

Do try this – you can spend hours ruminating over the ‘should haves’ – why not give your self some credit too for a change?

A gratitude journal can help with all of this.

It’s very simple- it doesn’t take a long time and can give you a new perspective on your life

Get a journal for this specific purpose only. It could be a simple notebook or copy book or a nice hardback journal. At the end of each day take 5 minutes to list the things you are grateful. A minimum of three things to listed everyday.

It can be anything – it could be: I’m glad I don’t have a cold and can breathe freely.

I’m so grateful that I can see the colours of the beautiful sky today.

I’m grateful that I can smell the flowers in the garden.

I’m grateful I have the ability to cook to nourish my body.

I’m grateful that it didn’t rain today (or that it did!).

I’m grateful for relationship with….

Start with the words I’m grateful…. and then see where you end up.

It could be the smallest thing – it’s something that matters to you.

You don’t have to justify this to anyone else.

This is for you.

This is to allow you to see the richness in your life and

how you are turning up for yourself

and others,


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