The Elements.. a reflection of connection.

What are the elements?

The traditional elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.

To have balance in your life a connection with these elements will see you on the right track.

How do you connect with them?


How do you connect with the Earth in your life?

I’m happy to say I’m constantly grounding – although it’s harder in the winter than summer but still do it!

In the summer I’m constantly barefoot any chance I can get. I practice yoga and meditation and do both barefoot. I don’t wear shoes in my house and love the sensation of my feet connecting with the ground. I never take it for granted. I am deeply connected with nature and even in urban environments find myself seeking the sanctuary.

How to find Earth in your life and ground –

Walk barefoot, walk in nature, sit on the grass in the park for your lunch, garden, if you’ve no garden, buy a plant, or even better herbs for your kitchen that you can enjoy. Have a foot massage or a Reflexology treatment.

Think about ways you can connect to the element of Earth that supports your existence in every way.


How do you connect with the Air in your life?

This is everything from your environment – is it polluted, do you smoke? Do you take deep breaths throughout your day? Maybe you have a Pranayama or breath work practice? Do you consciously breathe when you exercise or do yoga?

Shown here are Prayer flags with all the elements represented.

There are many other ways too that you can notice the element of Air in your day.

I burn incense daily and can lose minutes watching the shapes as the smoke rises, constantly amazed at the air flowing that we cannot see and the patterns it creates.

How to find Air in your life: Fly a kite, burn incense, get an aromatherapy diffuser and watch the vapour dance in your living room,

Think about ways you can connect to the element Air in your life that literally is your life force.


Destructive and regenerative. Whilst it symbolises the end of one cycle, it is the start of another.

The sun is a star of Fire at the heart of our solar system – it supports life on our planet – without it our planet would not survive. it is our source of heat and light.

Sometimes with the lack natural light in the Northern Hemisphere in the Winter, Fire can be even more important and obvious due to colder temperatures.

I am a cold creature-  so I’m acutely aware of any ray of sunlight when it enters a room or even what side of the street to walk on!

Some put their blinds down to protect their furniture – I will always be happy to have faded furniture and more light! I love shafts of light – no matter where I am, or what is going it – light always elevates my mood.

In Ireland it is traditional to have Bonfires – they are connected with the Celtic and pagan festivals.

The wheel of the Celtic Year connects with Fire. Imbolc in February to mark the start of Spring – St. Brigid was a Fire Goddess in Irish Mythology. St Brigid’s crosses were put above house doors to protect from them Fire. Bonfires celebrate Bealtaine in May to mark the start of summer. Lughnasa (August, Harvest) and Samhain (Halloween).

How to find fire in your life:

Walk in sunshine, become aware of the areas of light in your house and garden, the sunny side of a street, in the winter light a fire in your house if you have one, summer barbecues, fire pits and campfires. Light incense or a candle.

Think about ways you can connect to the element Fire in your life that supports your life.


Earth is called the Blue Planet for a reason – Earth is mostly water. So are you and you need to drink water every day to support your health and well being.

I’m a complete water baby – but I must confess I’m a bit of a lightweight now with cold water – I used to swim all year round, in lakes, rivers and the sea but not all year round now! I prefer warmer waters – however with a wetsuit on, I’m still jumping in. Although last year I ended up in a mountain lake again in Spring – so I’m still very prone to notions!

One of my favourite things to do, is to lie on my back in the ocean and notice how the sound changes, how the water feels, the different temperatures at different depths, or areas, how the water supports your body and how when your breathe, it affects your buoyancy and position in the water, the way the water envelops you and to lie there and soak up the sun above you or feel the breeze touching your skin. If you haven’t got an ocean – try it in the bath! I love the way all of your senses are alive in the moment – pure bliss!

How to find water in your life;

Enjoy the simple things in your life – shower or bathe mindfully, have a foot bath.

Swim – in a pool, lake or ocean. If its too cold to get in, at least expose yourself to a sea breeze on the shore and feel the splash of waves crash on rocks on a stormy day….

Try Scuba Diving – spend time underwater – it gives you a completely new perspective!

Snorkelling, free diving, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking – the options are endless!

Run out in the garden in the rain.

Please do all of this responsibly – you can get too cold and cause hypothermia – Winter and Summer!

If you can’t swim learn in your local pool – as an adult can I recommend private lessons… you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s pace and you can get the attention you deserve and it’s never toto late to learn! Just learn to enjoy being in the water within your own limits.

Enjoy water in all it’s forms – play in the snow, ice-skate, watch the rain, look at an open body of water (lake, ocean or river), enjoy how it changes constantly.

Think about ways you can connect to the element Water in your life, you are mostly Water!


Ether or space. The cup the container that holds everything within.

If you fill your life up to the brim – you allow no space for new things to arise.

In a society where productivity is an accolade, we are programmed to be busy or feel guilty.

However the Space, the Ether is where creativity, ideas, recuperation, rest, play, friendship and so much more happens.

This is the Space to allow other things, unforeseen, often unplanned and fun arise.

Where is the space in your life? For you? or are you busy filling up your life and running around?

How to find space in your life;

Take deep breaths throughout pour day.

Meditate, practice yoga. Do things that connect your body and your mind.

Practice self care – go for a massage, swim, or walk.

Allow time for creativity in all its’ forms; read, write, garden, bake, play, sing, dance, paint – and you don’t have to be an artist to do any of these things.

Allow space for fun. You get to decide!

Do nothing! Just be.

Think about ways you can connect to the element of Ether in your life, How can you make space?

Make space for you in your life.

These Elements are all around you. Take time to notice them and see how they are showing up in your life to support you. How can you engage with them more? How can you use them to our health and well being.

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