At events you will be warmly welcomed.

You will be treated with kindness & respect. 

There are multiple Events, Venues and Times…..

Please ensure you click the correct link before purchasing.

Gift Vouchers available.

By booking an event you agree to Booking Conditions

*There are some people that Sound Healing is not suitable for, see below for details.

COVID-19 Update;

All of our health and safety is the priority, all events and appointments are cancelled for the foreseeable future in support of the Irish Government trying to contain this. Event dates will be announced as soon as it is possible.

Be kind to yourself during these uncertain times.

Your health and wellbeing matters.

If you look after yourself, you are looking after your family and friends by being the healthiest version of yourself.

Hydrate well, Eat well, Rest well, Sleep well.

Limit your time on social media and watching the news, fear is more contagious than anything and stress does not help your immune system.

Stay home, Stay safe.

Do things that nourish your body mind and spirit – even if you’re in self isolation.

More dates will be added as soon as restrictions are lifted.

More dates coming …. watch this space!

Check back to see what has been added to the schedule!

As new regulations & ways of interacting come into force – yoga props will not be supplied at events for clients for the foreseeable future.

If you need a yoga mat I have limited stock. See bottom of page for details.

Yin Yoga Events.

Improve flexibility & body mind connection.

Restorative Yoga Events.

Truly relax through Restorative Yoga…..Bliss!

Sound Healing Events.

Relax, unwind with Himalayan singing bowls, solfeggio chimes, energy chimes, tuning forks, gong, voice & silence. 

Learn about Sound Healing.


Have a personal session.

Learn about the Chakras.

Learn Reiki.

Retreat Events.

Whether you are a beginner or current practitioner there is a retreat for you. 

Warrior 11 Yoga mat.

Warrior 11 Yoga mat €20. RRP €26. Postage to anywhere in Ireland €9. Delivery to studio €9. Please be clear who and where you would like the mat to be sent to. Thank you. For full product description see below.


If you want a few mats or there are a few of you who want to get together to buy multiple mats, I can arrange free delivery outside the studio where we normally meet & you can pick them up (for 4 or more mats)
Just email me to organise it.  Contact me

More dates coming …. watch this space!

Sessions are suitable for mixed levels – including complete beginners.

Just work to your own level – different options are available. 

There are multiple events, venues and dates – please ensure you have the correct one before purchasing. To book an event please click the relevant link.

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What is a  Yin Yoga Session

What is a  Restorative Yoga Session

Gift Vouchers!

 Give the Gift of Yoga, Meditation,

Sound Therapy & Reiki.


Give the gift of Yoga, Mindfulness or a Retreat to someone you love –

or tell someone you love to get one for you!

Contact me & I can customise a gift voucher to the amount you’d like.

You can make payments for events on the individual buttons above or send a payment for Gift Vouchers or a custom amount via this link . Make a payment

If you don’t see a date or venue that suits, If you would like to host your own group event or book a personal session – Contact Me  and I’ll be in touch!

By booking an event you agree to Booking Conditions

*There are some people that Sound Healing is not suitable for and these include: if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy,  if you have a pace maker, cancerous tumours, metal plates or implants. If you are within 3 months of a major surgery or emotional upheaval in your life. If you’re in doubt about whether it is suitable or not just Contact Me  

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