Whats the best frequency?

In essence, Sound Therapy is a conversation between the sound or frequency being played and the person hearing and experiencing the sound.

Everyone experiences music differently, depending on associations in their life and what they find soothing or not.

Depending on how the sound or frequency interacts, how it makes the person feel, will depend on what healing benefits happen or don’t happen. 

Sound therapy is like smell – it’s deeply personal.

With essential oils for example – if I said to you ​​that lavender was the ​BEST​ essential oil- but you really didn’t like the smell of it – does it matter what else it’s supposed to do? 

Sound therapy is just like that.

Sound is individual, intimate and different every time we hear it.

Just because frequencies are said to be sacred, doesn’t necessarily mean that they all should work when played together.

Musically, there are mathematical structures to what might sound pleasing or not to us.

This is also contextual, with the society and culture we have been brought up in – not just our culture and our society but our upbringing and what we are used to.

If a frequency like 432hz or 417hz works for you – then listen to it.

If they don’t support you – then don’t listen to it and don’t feel guilty about it or think there’s something wrong with you – just because everyone else thinks it’s amazing.

Listen to frequencies and sounds that support your healing.

Your body will know -it’s not a logical mind thing – you feel it.

There is no one “magic frequency” that cures all​.

So even though people will say – “this is the healing frequency” – well it depends….

Who is listening?

Who is experiencing?

What is the response both in session and afterwards?

You are also different every time and will experience it differently every time!

So watch all your responses, – your body, your emotions, mind and spirit.

It’s not necessary the things that we find unpleasant or pleasant but the ability to shift things within us and the integration that follows, see what works for you and enjoy the journey!

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