Flower of life

The Flower Of Life symbol is a geometric form that turns up in Sacred Geometry.

The flower of life is an ancient symbol in many cultures. 

Sacred geometry:

Symbolic meanings into geometric shapes including natural forms – the nautilus, the circle, the honeycomb are common examples. 

Sacred geometry is heavily influenced in mathematics; by proportions, numerical relationships and ratios.

It relates to mathematical, proportional relationships, such as; Fibonacci sequences, Pythagoras,  Phi (golden ratio) and platonic solids.

Sacred Geometry pattens exist in Nature, Art, Science, Music and Architecture; religious structures, paintings, religious art such as Mandalas and Yantras. Sacred Geometry turn ups in Cymatics a lot!


Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration.

The Chladni patterns that emerge are named after Ernst Chladni, who was involved in the earliest experiments with sand and metal plates.

Hans Jenny looked at Chladni’s work and developed on it, demonstrating that the sound could form not only symmetrical patterns but that they could change and flow.

Cymatics can be seen in sand, in water, in fire.

Dr Emoto’s work with water has shown the structure of the frozen crystals change, depending on what sounds they were exposed to.

The visuals of Cymatics are often used in conjunction with guided imagery and for meditation.

 Sacred geometry: : Vesica Pisces

The Vesica Pisces – meaning the bladder of a fish.

The circles represent the Zygote. The fusion of the egg and the sperm- the first point of creation of new life. 

Flower of life.

 It contains overlapping circles, combining a hexagonal, flower like shape. 

It is used in many cultures and religions around the world e.g. Osirian temples in Eygpt, Temples in India, in churches and cathedrals all over Europe.

The most well-known religious symbols, such as the cross from Christianity, the Tree of Life or Kabbalah from Judaism, plus the Celtic Spiral, Hindu Swastika, and Chinese Yin Yang symbol are all within the flower of life.

Leonardo Da Vinci studied it, using it’s mathematical principles of the Golden Ration to inform his work.

The flower of life symbolises creation and it reminds us of our interconnection. We all come from the same blue print. It represents the cycle of life. 

It reminds us of the power of transformation

The flower of life can be used as a focal point in meditation. Yantra Meditation.

Is Sound Therapy the flower of life in Frequency is 128Hz.

There are many uses for 128Hz tuning forks. There are weighted (pictured) and unweighted tuning forks.

It depends on the intention of the Sound Therapist which fork is choosen and how and where to use it.

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