Machu Picchu Expedition. September 2018.

After multiple flights across the Atlantic we arrive in Cusco to a warm Peruvian welcome and the charming city that is Cusco.

It’s my first time for this trek and it’s been in my head for over 20 years – I’m excited and thrilled to be here. Only a few hours later so taken are we with the place myself and the doc Jeff – are planning on moving here!


The food is amazing-The banter and the craic is already out of the bottle ( you all know what I mean !) & this bunch of messers know how to have fun!


On the trail we see Chinchilla, butterflies bigger than birds, huge falcons, hawks & stunning hummingbirds – oh and the occasional flying ironing board!

Jeff is adopted along the way. We have a few long days on the mountain climbing over the Salkantay pass and then a long decent. Everyone moves well and this group really support each other throughout. Chinese whispers are common with hilarious results! Harry Potter and the famous five nurses!

Laughter and mischief is rife and it’s hard to walk when your stomach is sore from laughing! Photobombing along the way.

After our hard work we have hedonistic day of the senses – walking through wild strawberries all day on trail, with lots of waterfalls, stopping to eat freshly picked passion fruit, avocado, banana along the way.


We visit a coffee farm where we pick coffee beans, roast & grind them & then drink this beautiful organic Peruvian coffee. Not finished with the senses yet-  we head for the hot baths for a well deserved soak and finish the day with dinner & a beer. Life is good.

We then arrive at our objective Machu Picchu which honestly at this point is a bonus- as the trek so far is a real gem in itself.

We head up to Machu Picchu and are treated to astounding vistas, fab weather and try to absorb the scale of it. Superlatives just can’t sum it up.


It’s a steep sweaty trail to the top of Machu Picchu mountain.

We are lucky enough that one of our team – Bolt- not only sets a PB but is on the hotlist for fastest ever time for the mountain! They say that Bolt sleeps with the light on because the dark is afraid of him!

The next day we start with a Prosecco @ brekkie to celebrate William & Therese’s Wedding anniversary.

We are treated to a stunning train ride & stop off to see how they weave the beautiful alpaca handicrafts and have a dance.

We finish with a hilarious celebration dinner in Cusco’s old Centre.


What a trip – La familia montana have had a ball. Thanks guys for the wonderful memories!

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