Yoga; The 8 Limbs of Yoga. Dhãrana.

There are 8 limbs to a full Yoga practice. Each limb is a complete discipline and a life long journey of learning.

The 8 limbs are; Yama, Niyama, Ãsana, Prãnayãma, Pratyãhãra, Dhãrana, Dhyãna and Samadhi. In this article we’ll look at Dhãrana.

In Pratyãhãra when the mind is fully withdrawn from external distractions,  you can choose a base for concentration, Dhãrana.

The Dhãrana practice is fixing the mind on a single point of concentration. This can be any support. 

In many meditation practices – the breath can be used as a focal point for concentration.

Trataka Meditation involves an eyes open meditation, choosing an object to focus on.

Trataka Meditation does not involve an intense stare but rather a soft gaze, taking in the full detail of the object in question. When the mind wanders, gently return your attention to the object – this could be anything like a candle or a flower. Generally it is recommended that the object is unmoving to reduce further distraction.

The Dhãrana or focus is used as a support for your meditation practice.

The support can be anything – a symbol, a Mandala, sounds, sensations, prayer, chanting on its’ own or in conjunction with mudras or mala beads.

Each limb of Yoga prepares you for the next one. The Dhãrana practice helps to support the mind in concentration during a meditation practice.

All 8 limbs of Yoga offer a lifelong path of learning and practice.

To have a full Yoga practice all 8 limbs will be incorporated into your life.

So what does Going to Yoga mean? Your Yoga is where you are, not just on the mat.

Food for thought…

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