A Closer Look at the Chakras – Sacral Chakra

This is the second instalment in a series of seven articles looking at the Chakras.

Chakra Two: The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana. 


Element: Water.

Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification.

Located between the navel and genitals, just above the pubic bone, in the abdomen, lower back and sexual organs.

The Sacral Chakra is related to the element water and to emotions and sexuality.

It connects you to others through feeling, desire, pleasure, sensation, and movement. Emotional balance, joy of life, inner child ( learning to ) trust life.

This Chakra brings you fluidity, grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfilment and the ability to accept change. Think flow, fun and flexibility.


 Physical: Genitals, bladder, prostrate, womb, kidneys, lymph, rectum, lower back.

Gland: Ovaries, Testicles.

Colour: Orange.

Sense: Taste.

Scents: Ylang Ylang, Sandal wood -( Use Australian Sandalwood – Asian Sandalwood is endangered) .

Crystals: Carnelian, Moonstone.

Bija Mantras/ Seed Sounds: Vam.

Musical Note: D.

Tone of the Moon 210.42Hz.

When the Swadisthana Chakra is working you stimulate your life and others. You have joy, enthusiasm you are creative.

When the Swadisthana Chakra is imbalanced you can have lower back pain, reproductive issues, bladder and kidney issues. You can repress your emotions, sexuality and  suffer with addictions, mood swings and have no creativity. Life feels dreary.

To balance the Swadisthana Chakra you can experience nature, look at the moon, or a body of water. You move creatively – dance! You don’t have to be “good” – just move and see what happens! You can have a Reiki or Sound healing session .

calm daylight evening grass

Forms of Yoga that work primarily with the Sacral Chakra: Tantra Yoga.

Some Yoga Poses* that involve The Sacral Chakra; Goddess Pose*, Easy Pose*, Warrior2*.

Pictured here; Easy Pose*.

(I actually don’t like the name “Easy Pose” as it’s not easy for a lot of people!). Remember Yoga was invented in India thousands of years ago, where most of the population could naturally sit on the floor as this is where they ate etc – hence the name ‘Easy’ Pose. This was the normal sitting posture for everyone. In the Western world things are very different and that’s not a traditional way for us to sit! So always start by sitting on a big cushion and then lower the height only if you need to!


Please make sure the Yoga poses listed for each Chakra are appropriate for you. If you have any history of illness or injury, please be sure the postures are safe for you to do before you practice. Each posture has contraindications. Please ensure you are familiar with these before trying a pose. Some times the best course of action is not to do the pose. If you do decide to practice – do so mindfully and back out of the posture if it doesn’t feel right for you in any way.

It’s generally considered better to open the Chakras from the lower Chakras up. Starting with a solid foundation  and building up from there.

For an overview of the Chakras check out So what are Chakras anyway?

For more Chakra and other articles : holisticlife.ie/learn/

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