A Sacred space.

A sacred space is a space that is free from distraction , to allow yourself to be truly present in the moment. This makes you aware immediately of your place within the universe and the power that comes with that from the universe. Taking the time out to put things in context; reality, humility, contemplation and spirituality. This can be in a dedicated space within your house, or taking the time out to make a space that is available to you sacred – this can be inside, or outside in nature. It needs to be a conscious process to take us away from the everyday things that distract us from the connection with ourselves.

I am lucky to have a room for this in my home. When I don’t have visitors, I use this space as an office, for treatments, my own education, yoga, for contemplation and meditation. I’m a reiki practitioner – so I use reiki to clear the space energetically. There are also crystals in the room to clear the space. I attend to the crystals, so the energy in the room is constantly refreshed. It has a Himalayan salt lamp and a statue of Ganesh.  I have an altar in the room too, so immediately it has a different feel to other rooms in the house. My altar is super special to me. It has nothing to do with any religion. It provides me with an outward spiritual focus and reflection. It is simple and small but that’s what I like about it. It is covered with a yellow Nepalese prayer scarf. On it I have a painting which I did a few years ago which I love – it’s a pearlescent white moon, in a black sky, setting over dark, dark water with the moon’s reflections on the water. It has a Buddha sitting in lotus, with a candle and my baby Ganesh – just a wee miniature not a baby, but I just call it my baby Ganesh – he’s my buddy. Also it has one of my singing bowls on it , candles, my incense burner, incense and crystals.

I sometimes use an atomiser in there, but more often I burn incense daily. I regularly listen to Himalayan bowls in the room and to chanting, which I inevitable join in on. So I treat this room differently to all others. It’s more an extension of my spirituality than anywhere else in the house. Writing this has reminded me just how grateful I am to have it, as it didn’t always exist in the form it does now.

So I encourage you to create your own Sacred Space. You get to design it and decide what goes in it and that’s the fun part.

Treat this space differently to all others. You can bring the power of ritual into it to. This might be as simple as replacing flowers, burning incense , playing your bowl or meditation to name a few things.

It should provide you with a physical reminder to take time out for contemplation, meditation and reflection.

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