What does a yogi look like?

You only see what you’re looking for…. any web search for images of yogis, could make you feel pretty inadequate, pretty quickly. That’s not the reality in yoga class.

Yoga has the perception of everyone being white, young, gorgeous,skinny, fit and super bendy….. Let’s just knock that right on the head.

Sure you get those kind of people going to yoga, but if you think that’s what yoga is about, you’re missing the point. So what does a yogi look like?

Here are some web pics that may challenge your view of who yoga is for and what do yogis look like?……..

A special mention here for the gorgeous Tao Porchon-Lynch, who’s has only recently passed away. At over 100 years old, she was still teaching Yoga and could get into postures that the rest of us mere mortals can only aspire to. So, it’s not about your age, but how long you’ve been practicing!

Another special mention, to the beautiful Jessamyn Stanley – a yoga teacher challenging “typical” yoga perceptions and she kicks ass at it! So it’s not about your size either – enjoy the body you inhabit!

Here are some more pictures that may challenge your thoughts on yoga perceptions….

So ask yourself again…..what does a yogi look like? Yoga is for EEEEEEEveryone!

It’s not about gender, age, flexibility or size. Yoga is for “normal people”. Just like in the fashion world – “normal people” are not the ones who end up in beauty magazines, or on catwalks – but we know that’s not the reality. It’s the same for Yoga – we only constantly get shown one view of it – so that’s what we think it’s about…but it’s not. It is so much more!

Yoga is about acceptance of your body right now – not what it “should be”………, or what it “used to be”………, or if only I didn’t have tight hamstrings………, or if only I could do that…. or if only…….. You don’t have to be flexible to go to Yoga – you might end up being a bit more flexible because you go to yoga – both in your body but in your mind.

Why put your happiness on hold? You are in charge of your thoughts, not a victim of them. I continually have to remind myself to get out of my own way and it changes how I think and do things.

Start today – you never know where it’ll lead you!

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