What is Yin and Yang?

The symbol above is the modern Yin & Yang symbol

The literal meaning dark, bright.

Yin and Yang.

These are relative terms. One cannot exist without the other.

Yin could be the shady side of a hill. Yang the sunny side.

green mountain under white clouds

Yin; cool, dark, open, receptive, femininity, stillness, reflective.

Yang; hot, light, active, driven, masculinity, movement, directive.

ocean water wave photo

Yin; Water.

red and orange fire

Yang Fire.

Yin; contracting, dormant, stagnant, lazy.

Yang; expanding, fiery, temper, emotive.

Yin and Yang co exist, they move, they temper each other to create balance.

Are you flexible or rigid in your approach to life?

Yin and Yang ; you need both. Cultivate both.

sky space moon astronomy

Yin- Moon.

sun fire hot research

Yang- Sun.

two brown and blue ceramic mugs

Yang- Masculine & Yin- Feminine.

“Masculine and Feminine” traditional barriers are now being challenged and constantly trying to be redefined.

This is the essence of Yin and Yang. They are constantly shifting changing and evolving. They are not fixed.

Masculine tendancies being more Yang like; assertive and driven in nature, while feminine qualities being more  Yin like; patient and receptive in nature. Rather than about being Male or Female  – these tendencies exist in all of us, like a sliding scale. Masuline and Feminine tendencies exist in different degrees and change from moment to moment depending on the situation.

Yin and Yang qualities exist only in relation to one another.

They are complimentary not opposing forces. They need one another and can only be defined with respect to the other.

Nothing is completely Yin or Yang . Things will have a tendency towards being more Yin like in nature or more Yang like but always in relation to something else and even at this point they contain the opposite nature within them.

There is stillness within the movement , there is movement within the stillness.

This is where the balance lies.

Where is your balance? 

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