Machu Picchu Expedition, October 2018

When people book an Expedition – I imagine they think about a lot of things….

Where will I go? How difficult is it? Do I need special training ? What equipment do I need? Am I fit enough? How high is it? How cold is it?

Maybe it’s a dream long held over decades … maybe it was your friend’s idea and not yours, maybe the idea happened over a few late pints and then the idea just stuck…

Whatever the reason I think what people don’t factor in is – meeting like minded people. Building friendships that can last longer than the Expedition itself. 

Having fun and laughter while trekking high in the mountains. Finding strengths within themselves that they didn’t know existed.

That is what this expedition to Machu Picchu was all about. 

This group did just that…. exceeding their own expectations and the realistisation of just how strong they are, is still not fully appreciated yet!


We laughed our way over the Salkantay pass and we had such a good trek that by the time you get to Machu Picchu – it’s a real cherry on top of an already delicious cake.

We developed a few nick names & “incidents” along the way – for reasons I won’t state….

What happens on trek – stays on trek!!!

Double poncho Maria…entertaining us along the way. Super chica Kirsty – our photographic director of operations. Chiwawas living in hand bags, behind rocks at altitude. Green bean – a thoroughly reliable source of laughter, fun and mischief. Princess Fiona’s inauguration at the coffee plantation.


Stockholm Gary – a chef & investigator of all aspects of Peruvian culture – helped by his harem of flighty wing women!

The Sun Gate Hoggers in operation at Machu Picchu.

Double Llama entertaining us with her truly witty remarks….

Not everyone was “ordained” with a title but everyone was “involved”! 

There are no innocent parties here….. all having the craic!

We won’t divulge who was having wine on the 9.20am train out of Aguas Calientes after getting to bed at 5 am! The rest of us in stitches at the antics! 

This mad bunch have stamina on the high mountains and off them!! 

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, humour & laughter along the way!!!

Sexy Llamas!!


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