To Question and examine

holisticlife was set up to help people to live a more balanced life.

We can do this through taking time out from our every day lives. To question, to reflect, to rest, relax or build up a sweat – depending on what we need in that moment.What is important is to take the time out to do this.

Every day I see people rushing around from one thing on their to do list, to the next. I’m not even criticising – it’s just an observation and we are all guilty of it. Sometimes that’s just how our lives have to be.

My mission is to get people to question what they’re doing? and how are they doing it? Does it make you happy? If so – well – on you go and well done, keep it going and don’t look back! But perhaps you’re questioning…..maybe there’s something more? what if……..? or I wish I could just…..


Whatever that is for you, I at least encourage you to find out. To question and to examine. The answers are the most important to you – this is your life – this is not a dress rehearsal and maybe by looking at all aspects of your life, you will get more balance in yours. This may not be Yoga or Reiki. It could be trail running, or swimming, or Tai Chi.

I encourage you to find out…..What is it? What is it that brings you some peace of mind?  Where do you need balance in your life? and go find it!…..go explore! ….you don’t have to climb a mountain or meditate, but if that’s what helps you to get to that space, then do it and don’t wait!

There’s never going to be a right time. There will always be something else that will have to be reorganised or, rescheduled. The “to do list” just gets longer – no matter how many things you can scratch of it today. Don’t wait… get up off your chair now and do something for yourself….this will still be here when you get back !

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