What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is also often called Sound healing. We can look at Sound Therapy from many aspects – The scientific way of what is happening on a physical level & the energetic way – what is happening on a spiritual, emotional and energetic level.

All living things have a resonance due to chemical cellular processes of life (metabolism). All cells emit frequencies and react to frequencies that they are exposed to. This can come in the form of sound waves- e.g. noise pollution, or other frequencies that we can not sense e.g. wifi, ultra sound, infrared etc.

Some of these interactions can lead to cells being out of sync with their own natural resonance and depending on the duration, type and complexity of the exposure ( and the variables are numerous), the body’s cells can be affected.

Sound Therapy works by the sound frequencies entering the body and altering the body’s own frequency at the cellular level, returning the cells to their natural frequency to allow the cells natural healing and functionality to occur.

Anyone who is sceptical of Sound Therapy can look to medical environments, where ultrasound is regularly used in the hospital setting to treat kidney and gall stones. Ultra sound – are sound waves entering the body and break up the deposits formed in the kidney, allowing the patient to recover and heal naturally. I think of the Himalayan Singing Bowls like a broad spectrum wave entering the body instead of the laser precision in a hospital setting. These sound waves reset the cells to their natural frequency and our body’s natural healing ability does the rest.

Sound Therapy has been around for thousands of years and has been used in may different cultures as a form of healing. Just think how music can effect your mood when listening to it as an example. It can move us to tears, lift us out our depths, or raise our spirits for joy, battle or focus.

From an energetic point of view, each of the Chakras are realigned as individual Chakras and as a whole system. This leaves a person feeling more relaxed, balanced and more in tune with themselves ( no pun intended!). Our own vibrations change, this  allows us to self reflect and to interact with others in a different way. We may feel more emotional, more sensitive to ourselves and others too after a treatment. A series of three treatments is recommended in order to feel the full benefits of Sound Healing.

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