Kilimanjaro Expedition, August 2018.

When I write about an expedition I usually do it chronologically, as the trip develops describing how the group got on the mountain.

In this trip report I want to skip straight to the summit night where the group that were strong & moving well throughout the trek really showed their true colours.

Luckily when this group got their equipment list – they took it seriously and got the proper stuff rather than winging it and hoping for the best. Without that attitude at the outset – they wouldn’t have had a chance against the conditions we encountered on summit night.


Wind scalped the top of the mountain, blowing others off their feet. There is nowhere to hide on Kilimanjaro from wind. 

We encountered Epic winds and alpine snow conditions that would turn many a mountaineer back to their tent. Consequently the windchill dropped the temperature to at least -20c. 

The group showed their determination, strength, resilience, balance and genuinely supported one another to get the team to the top as the sun rose, bringing only a tiny respite from the icy cold conditions.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for this hardy bunch of mountain goats, who still don’t realise just how strong they actually are. Kilimanjaro is an amazing achievement at any time but particularly in these cold conditions.

When I look back at this trip I think of families and friendships, humour and laughter that gave me belly aches and almost made me sick! 

I think of in-house jokes like Fota island, Prosciutto, Gin, holy water at camp, pizza, white powder on sleeping bags, going “downhill for 300m”, snoring, fridge magnets and of course – Belgium 🇧🇪 & all while listening to the Back Street Boys…..

Our laughter seriously continued on safari and I’d like to thank this motley crew for an epic trip – in all the right ways. 

I’d also like to thank the lovely Clare in our group who managed to capture some of these stunning shots on the summit despite the conditions!


Asante Sana

Below a view of our fabulous mountain on the way home.


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