Self care

What is self care?

Often people can see self care as being selfish so they don’t allow themselves the luxury of it – but it’s not a luxury – it makes sense.

If you are caring for others in your life in whatever way- mother, father, aunt, uncle, guardian, sister, brother, taking care of those in your job, community or family in anyway – (which is everyone) you also need to take care of yourself.

This ensures that you have the energy to keep doing what you do, to keep giving and importantly to give from the right place rather than ending up depleted, bitter, resentful because you are exhausted.

What is your self care routine?
Do you have one?

Do you allow time for yourself in your life?

Do you ask for help? Do you organise for time for yourself?

Do you allow the space for others to step up or do you take everything on and don’t allow anyone in?

Are there others who you can recruit to help?

What new habit or tradition
would you like to see in your life?

Do what nourishes you – it’s not selfish.

This allows you to be able to give even more to those around you.

You can do this from a different place – from a place of abundance not depletion. This is why self care is so important.

You get to decide what it is – not what you think it should be or what everyone else is doing.

See how you feel after each activity and decide does it nourish you or not? Does it feed your body? Mind? Spirit?

Walk on the beach,
Get out in nature.

Spend some time in silence,
Be on your own for a time.

This might be 5 minutes in your garden, your car – wherever you can find it- without the kids, preferably in outside in nature.

Take a bath – that’s a bit longer than normal.

Don’t apologise for it and set your boundaries for your own time.

Set simple challenges like having a cup of tea without it going cold. That actually might be difficult – then you can reflect on why and make the changes necessary to move toward being able to achieve it.

This is not about tearing your life apart and redesigning it in one go.

This is about small sustainable changes that move you towards where you want to get to in your life.

Do yoga, have a massage.

Paint, write.

Run, dance, sing, swim in the sea.

Take some time out for yourself.

Meditate, journal, draw.

Take time out to have coffee with a friend to connect.

What habits and routines do you currently have?
Are these serving you?
Forming new routines can at first seem difficult
but small changes can really add up to making a big difference.

What are you noticing?

Rather than having an
‘All or Nothing’ attitude with your goals,
whatever they might be
Move gently towards them.

Small steps will take you there.

Get moving in the right direction – for you.

What will take you towards balance?
What direction do you want to take?


Come back to the present moment.
That’s all you actually have.

Just Be
That is enough.
You are enough.

Be kind
to yourself
& others.

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