Be kind

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If you can do nothing else over the coming weeks …

Be Kind ❤️

(& wash your hands)🖐.

Be Kind to yourself- it starts here. There is a lot of Fear around.
Be compassionate to yourself – if you feel it, you are human.
Check your thoughts- we are often guilty of catastrophising – the reality is very different.

Realise that you are not on your own.

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We are all in the same boat 🚣‍♀️.

Let’s get through this together. Everyone will react differently – try to be patient with others.

Shop as you would normally do, stockpiling will leave the most vulnerable in our community short.

Be kind, respectful and thankful to health workers, retail staff in shops and pharmacies.

Let’s give them our support.
There’s plenty of supplies.

We can’t control a lot but we can be responsible for our behaviour.

frozen wave against sunlight

Be kind to others.
Call your neighbours, see how they are, if there are elderly, those people living alone, people who work for the HSE or work in shops who live on your road- check in with them – do they need support?
Limit your time watching the news and on social media. Fear is more contagious than anything else, stress is not good for your immune system.

There is a lot of well intentioned misinformation out there…
Your information is only as good as your source. Follow the latest government advice.

Be patient with your children and be mindful of the conversations you have around them. Kids are experts at observing human behaviour and while they might not understand everything- they’ll feel the messages that adults are sending.


Take a breath.

This isn’t permanent.

We will come out the other side of this.

Let’s just help each other to do so by respecting each other & acting in a calm responsible way.

If you look after yourself, you are looking after your family and friends by being the healthiest version of yourself.

Hydrate Well, Eat Well, Rest Well, Sleep Well.
Do things that nourish your body mind and spirit even if you’re in self isolation.

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