St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone.

I’ve always been proud to be Irish 🇮🇪 for many reasons.
Not least being immensely proud in the way that for every international tragedy we have always given our support, in whatever way we could to help people to find food, shelter, clothes or medication after the tsunami, earthquake or war.
Now this is a global experience and we are part of it.

I continue to be proud of being Irish.

I’m proud of this little country that has made such an impact on the world.

The first to ban plastic bags, the first to recognise same sex marriage.

This is another first.

I’m proud of the way everyone in our health service is helping everyone they can.

I’m proud of all of those on the frontline; our doctors,nurses, guards, firefighters.

I’m proud of all our retail staff working in pharmacies and supermarkets. I’m proud of our farmers, those working in warehouses and offices behind the scenes ensuring supply chains stay open. I’m proud of our truck drivers, all kinds of delivery drivers, and bin collectors. I’m proud of everyone who has had to stop their work for the greater good.

I’m proud of all our communities pulling together in the way that we should. Everyone is playing their part. We will get through this.

It’s not a normal St. Patrick’s day but I’m sure this inventive and creative island will have the craic in new ways.
Happy St Patrick’s Day. 🍀

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