Delve into your yoga practice

You want to understand what’s going on in your body – in your practice.

You want to “progress” at Yoga – sometimes it can be difficult to know just how hard to push yourself…

You ask yourself…

Am I being lazy? Am I pushing too much? Am I going to hurt myself? 

Why can the person beside me do that posture and I can’t? 

Why am I stuck here? Why can’t I go further?

All of these questions might show up during your Yoga practice making it difficult for you to decide what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform for a deeper understanding of your own yoga practice and some mindful ideas on how to approach it.

You will look at when you might push through or back off when it comes to discomfort.

Learn how to discriminate between types of discomfort.

Learn about the intention of the types of yoga poses you practice.

You will look at your forward folds, side bends, back bends and twists.

Become more familiar with your body and have a different approach to your individual Yoga practice*.

Tips for your yoga practice & new ways to approach your practice

Gain a deeper understanding of your body, why you are limited in some poses & what to do about it!

These workshops are for those with a Yoga practice and are familiar with basic yoga postures, they are not suitable for beginners.

This practitioner centric workshop is a mix of practical exercises to allow you to investigate your poses and theory.

Please come appropriately dressed for a yoga practice in loose comfortable clothing – there are plenty of practical exercises for you to investigate what’s going on in your body! Bring a yoga mat, blocks and bolster ( if you have them), additional layers to keep you warm enough for theory sections (including socks!), a bottle of water with a secure closable lid and a pen & paper incase you want to take any notes.

*This is not a personal diagnostic for injuries but a forum for introspection and reflection of how you approach your yoga practice.

If you seek a diagnosis with a particular injury it is best to make an individual appointment with a physical therapist to diagnose your issue and work though what you need to achieve with them.

Those attending should be able to practice Yoga without an injury or illness that will be detrimental to their health. If you are not sure whether you are able to attend, please check with a qualified suitable medical practitioner such as your GP or physiotherapist to clarify and then you can Contact me.

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