Usui Reiki Ryóho Training

I teach Usui Reiki Ryóho in three levels.

Reiki Level One.

Reiki Level Two.

Reiki Level Three. Master Level.

Reiki Level One builds strong foundations in Reiki, to start your journey in self care and energy healing, to ground your energy, to get in touch with your deepest self.

Reiki Level Two. develops your connection with Reiki, opening up from the physical level into the emotional and mental level. It allows you to do distance healing and become more proficient at facilitating a Reiki session for friends and family.

Reiki Level Three is the Master level. This course is divided in to two parts.

Part One.This is the spiritual level where you really deepen your connection with Reiki.

Part Two. is for those who want to attune others into Reiki and those who would like to teach Reiki to others.

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