Reiki Level Two.

I teach Reiki in three levels.

Reiki Level One.

Level Two.

Reiki Level Three. Master Level.

Reiki Level Two develops your connection with Reiki, opening up from the physical level into the emotional and mental level. It allows you to do distance healing and become more proficient at facilitating a Reiki session for friends and family.

If you would also like to work with clients professionally, you need this level and there are additional requirements – please see below.

This two day training will include;

Level Two Reiki attunement.

The Reiki hand positions for other people.

Reiki Symbols and their use.

Distance Healing.

Daily practices.

Using Reiki to enhance your life, support your mental and emotional well being.

How to support other in starting their journey with Reiki.

How to give a full Reiki treatment to someone else.

Giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment.

Who can attend this course?

Those who have attended a Reiki Level One course may attend.

9.30- 5.30pm. 2 days. €200

To work with Reiki professionally with the public, there are additional requirements to this course – such as first aid, health and safety, practitioner guidelines and anatomy and physiology. If you are already a therapist in another field you may already have all these skills and requirements. Contact me for information.

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