Meditation & Mindfulness

Want to learn how to meditate? Want to live a more Mindful life?

Want to restart meditating because you’ve lost your practice?

Tried to meditate but just can’t do it?

Want to find ways to make it easier?

Whether you’d like to start a Mindfulness and meditation practice, reignite a practice that’s wavered, want to investigate your current meditation practice, or just simply using the time and space created as a focal point for a chance to meditate.

These Meditation sessions will give you time out, just for you. To relax, contemplate, to reflect, to nourish your body and mind.
You explore your mind and your practice, taking the time to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Practice meditation. Learn about Meditation through discussion and reflection, look at different techniques to help you all in your meditation and being Mindful in your life.

Explore these techniques in a non dogmatic way and find practical ways to bring Mindfulness and meditation into your daily life.

You will leave with a number of different techniques in your meditation toolbox allowing you the flexibility to choose which one suits you best.

The benefits of Mindfulness and meditation include; better focus, cognitive skills, decision making, problem solving. It helps us manage loneliness, stress, depression , anxiety – increasing our awareness, relaxation and emotional health. Meditation helps us improve out breathing, reduce blood pressure boost our immunity and increases our memory recall and attention span. Meditation is the source of many scientific studies because of these physical, mental and emotional benefits. Start your journey today!

Beginners Meditation and Mindfulness One day Retreat.

For those who are new to Meditation, this retreat will provide the space for you to explore your body and mind.  

Meditation and Mindfulness One day Retreat.

For those who have already have some meditation experience.

You might be a current practitioner looking to delve deeper.

Perhaps you have questions about your practice, are looking for new ideas or want to reignite a practice that has dwindled.

Mindfulness Course: 1/2 day.

What is mindfulness?

Through mindfulness practice and discussion in an informal way, we shall look at a variety of mindfulness techniques.

Meditation Course. 1 month.

Can’t commit to an 8 week course due to other commitments?

Then this course is for you.

2 Hour sessions for 4 weeks

Meditation Course. 8 weeks.

Each week through meditation practice and discussion in an informal way, we shall look at a  variety of meditation techniques.

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Sound Therapy.

Oncology Reflexology.

Facial Reflexology.

Holistic Sinus Treatment.
Thai Foot Massage.

Indian Head Massage.

Therapeutic Ear Candling.

Yoga. Private Class.

Meditation. Private Class.

Obus School and Wellness Centre, Leixlip.
Call 01 6282121 to book your session!

*There are some people that Sound Healing is not suitable for, see below for details.

I also work in studios in Donabate village.

Please contact me for appointment availability.

Advice for my Mindfulness and meditation sessions!

Nothing is expected of you, it is not a boot camp, or an endurance test.

Dress comfortably, bring a cushion, a blanket, a notebook and pen.

Mindfulness and Meditation can be experienced as a class or as longer workshops and retreats.

Mindfulness and Meditation can also be combined with Yoga and a Sound Bath if you’d really like to unwind!

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