Diploma in Sound Therapy

About this course:

This Diploma course consists of 3 modules and is held over weekends.  It is open to anyone that has a fascination with the power of sound and can lead to a Diploma in Sound Therapy.

About Sound Therapy:

Sound Therapy is a powerful tool to aid healing, it brings us into the present where all healing and transformation take place.
It is a vehicle for reflection, release and change.
Physically it can help you deal with stress and anxiety.
It can have psychological benefits by lifting your mood, relaxing your body and reviving your spirit.
It can help you release emotions.
Sound Healing is an excellent support for personal well-being.

Module one:

  • How to use sound in a personal therapy session, personal grounding techniques.
  • How to balance your Chakras using Sound.
  • How cleanse your energetic field.
  • How to perform a 1 and 2 bowl session on another person.
  • You will learn an in-depth knowledge of how Sound Therapy works and its’ origins.
  • This module will cover practical exercises in playing singing bowls, voice work, the use of sound for personal meditation.
  • Following the module will be able to use Sound Therapy for personal growth, meditation and healing.

Module two:

  • How to hold the space and intention as a therapist.
  • Code of conduct. Scope of Practice, Contraindications.
  • Grounding, Clearing and Disconnecting techniques for therapist and client.
  • Playing techniques.
  • How to play multiple instruments.
  • Advance bowl layouts for sessions.
  • How to transport, set up and take care of multiple instruments.
  • Practical preparations for multiple bowl treatments.
  • Students will learn how to perform a 3 and 4 bowl session on another person.
  • The module will cover practical exercises in playing singing bowls, use of crystal bowls, voice work, listening techniques.

Module three:

  • Hold the space and intention as a therapist in a group situation.
  • Advance bowl layouts for Sound Therapy sessions and sound baths.
  • Students will learn how to perform 5,6 and 7 bowl sessions on another person.
  • Students will learn how to facilitate a group Sound Bath
  • Instruments for Sound Baths.
  • Practical preparations for multiple bowl sessions and Sound Baths.
  • The course will cover practical exercises in the following; use of instruments for Sound Baths, voice work, listening techniques.

Case studies and homework:

Students will have case studies and homework to complete between modules

Practitioner training

To practice as a sound therapist, you must be qualified in Anatomy and Physiology and be competent in consultation, record keeping and client care.

Click here for Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Click here for Practitioners skills training

If students attending this course already hold a qualification in these subjects, they may be exempt, please contact us to enquire.

Who is the course open to? 

This Sound Therapy course is open to everyone, but there are a few situations where help may be needed, or caution is advised.
They are:
If you have difficulty lying on the floor you need to contact the office do discuss how we can assist you in attending.
If you have had metal plates fitted within the last 12 months, the sound can vibrate them, and this can feel uncomfortable – so wait 12 months please.
If you have a pacemaker fitted this is not a therapy for you
If you are pregnant please wait until after the first trimester –  just to be sure!
If you have had major surgery in the last 3 months please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in attending.
Sound Therapy can bring up emotions so if you are going through a very stressful time please be aware of this. Prepare in advance by having a support person to share with, available to you after the course.

Equipment needed:

If you own a Singing Bowl – bring it or them all along, but bowls will be supplied for use on Module ONE.  The tutor will also offer advice on how to purchase a bowl that is right for you.

Can I learn more:

Yes! You can learn how to play and use lots more instruments in healing such as Drums, Gongs, Tuning Forks and of course your voice click here

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